Nasi Goreng 
Fried rice with chicken & prawns, sambel oelek sauce £11.00

Buff Chicken
Crispy & tender boneless thigh pieces, buffery chilli sauce, carrot sticks, nachos & cheese sauce £7.00

Corn nachos, sour cream, black beans, cheese, guacamole & salsa £7.00
Or add Szechuan spicy pork £8.00

Rack O Ribs
Sweet chilli sticky sauce, chips & zlaw £7.00/£12.00


One size-fits-all bowl of chips & cheese sauce loveliness. Which works as follows:

of these:

Szechuan Pork
Barbecue Shredded Beef
Chicken Strips
Smoked Bacon
Herbed Halloumi (v)

and then top with one of these:

Sour Cream (v)
Fried Mushrooms (v)
Mai-Kee Sauce (v)
Roast Garlic Chicken Gravy
Buffalo Mayo
Jalapenos (v)



In a floury bun with cobb lettuce tomato sauce. Zslaw & chips on the side.


Suffolk beef double patty with cheddar, plenty island relish £9.00

Shadow Flax

Carrot, Flax & sunflower, Provolone cheese & smoky tomato sauce (v) £8.00

Chickpea Burger

Broccoli & courgette with cumin, chickpea & garlic, plenty island (v) £8.00

Salmon Patty

Salmon, Dill, sweet pickled cucumber & guacamole £10.00

Chinger Ficken

Spicy breaded chicken fillet, smoky tomato sauce, cheddar £10.00


Big, fat, knife & fork size homemade hotdogs. Full of the best Suffolk pork, beef & our secret spices. Served in a floury dogbun. Comes with chips & our zingy zslaw on the side.  £8.50

Stay Classy

with velvety onions, smothered in mustard & ketchup

Ploppy Dog

Topped with shredded barbeque & cheese


Spicy coated dog with buffalo mayo

BENTO  –  £10

Choose two of the options below, we add steamy rice with a gorgeous mai-kee sauce, miso soup & vegetables

Prawn Poppoffs

Spicy coated tiger prawns

Buffaro Chicken

Korean style barbeque chicken pieces

So Yuk Pork Belly

Slow cooked served with sweet Szechuan pepper soy


Marinated & grilled Halloumi

Spiced chickpea & sesame chips

With buffery mayo

That Vegetable Rice Balls


All these are served on an open homemade savoury waffle with number salad


Fishfingers, lettuce, plenty island & mozzarella £9.00

Steam Birsket

Slow cooked & shredded barbeque beef with onions & peppers, provolone £9.00

Wafflegg Benny

Loaded with egg, spinach, sweet potato rasher & hollandaise £8.00

Rich Boy

Spicy coated gulf style shrimp with a mango & tomato salsa £9.00





Starter’s Pistol

Jaffa cake’d choc delice, ice cream £5.00

Rick Parfait

Blackberry sorbet slice, honeycomb £5.00

Cookie Monster

Warm cookie dough topped with a marshmallow & choc sauce

Waffly Good

Homemade vanilla ice cream in a toasted waffle sandwich, maple syrup


Vegetables (v) £2.50

Chips (v) £3.00

Cheesy Chips (v) £3.50

Please ask a member of staff for allergen information; a comprehensive description of the menu is available. Allergens are used in our kitchen; whilst we take every precaution, we cannot guarantee that the dishes will be 100% allergen free.

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